20 April 2010

An Update

Hello there! This is Noelle's daughter. Just in case you were wondering why the blog has not been updated much over the last few weeks, it is because she is still back home in the UK!

If you have been following the news much lately, you may have heard of the volcano in Iceland erupting again. (I believe she may have written about it before they left?) Flights are beginning to resume, so keep ALL air travelers in your prayers that they may reach their homes, and destinations, safely.

I am sure she will have plenty to tell you about upon her return!

07 April 2010

Midlands, hills and english country life

Here we are! Home, however short our time here will be!

If anyone takes for grant their internet just let them pop up to the UK and trust me, you will find the challenge bewildering! Two years and I forgot!
We have now been here 10 days and this is the first time I see my blog and I am so happy!
I think anyone gets used very quickly to access a blog and to be able to just write a few things here and there is obviously a luxury! I will never take it for grant again!

The weather has been lovely and to see the Kentish coast again (as well as the family) is absolutely wonderful! We have now travelled up to the Midlands and as always found ourselves in very familiar grounds. When you move to another continent and you go home to visit it feels as you have left part of yourself behind you. They say that home is where the heart is and time and time again it is proven. We always leave a little part of ourselves when we leave. We are also reminded that it is always easier to say hello than say goodbye!

Spring in England is made of blooming flowers, green grass and daily showers. Harebells, bluebells, daffodils and flowering trees all come to life! We rediscover good country food, long walks on the public paths and the chance to catch up on news.
It is life at its best for us at any rate and we enjoy every minute of it! Dreams, all dreams...