06 August 2015

A Moment Of Silence...

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(Photo source Google)

"The Peace park in the heart of Hiroshima fell silent on Thursday morning as more than 55,000 people marked the moment at 8.15am, 70 years earlier, when the atomic bomb exploded over the city and thrust the world into the nuclear age.

Bells then tolled and white doves were released into skies that were as clear blue as they had been on the morning of August 6 1945 when the US bomber, Enola Gay, flew over Hiroshima..."

(Source: Leo Lewis - Hiroshima)

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(Photo source Google)
Let's never forget and work harder than ever to bring
PEACE to our world

03 August 2015

Learning Yet Again...

You know you are getting 'older' when you start analyzing most of  what you have accomplished in the years past...I say older tongue in cheek of course as most of us prefer to think of ourselves as getting wiser...I for one have noted often the two do not go hand in hand...Ahem...

And speaking of camera, as promised I have taken regularly photos I wish to share with readers but...
guess who forgot the cable necessary to download photos on a computer before posting them??! Hoping it does not come with Pony Express, I should be able to remedy this oversight sometime in the near future (Please Daughter, remember your ol' Mum!!)

A hot Summer for most of us (try no A/C), colourful flowers blooming everywhere, tiny birds singing in the trees (yes, even in the city!) and people chatting late in the night trying to cool themselves on balconies and small parks tucked here and there...
From one side of the ocean to an other, lives resembles each other if you count your blessings as well as your shadows...

A warm Hello to everyone from Brussels,

(Photo source Telegraph.co.uk)