10 August 2010

Home, Soldiers Angels and friendship

Like everyone else I am sure, Home is very important to me. It is not the house itself but what it holds, a part of me and my little family, mostly reflected in well let's just say in a somewhat eclectic collection of odds and ends. As my husband is found to say when you have gone twice around the world, you have a tendency to pick up a few things here and there...

I love anything which speaks of days gone by, tablecloths, runners, local pottery, copper, brass, bits of china and anything that reminds me of the ocean. Every shade of blue of course and red for happiness!

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, the crisp cool mornings, the rich colours of the trees, the rustling of the leaves falling, the smell of home baked bread and the anticipation of the Christmas season!
Early mornings on the island with the fog lifting slowly, the sound of the loons in the inlet, the screeches of the seagulls flying over, the occasional sighting of playful sea otters...

I love classical music, good jazz and the swinging fourties, fresh flowers, seashells, corgi items of course and books, books and more books. I love new skeins of yarn and knitting needles, the start of new projects...

O did I mention how much I love chocolate...and dreaming...

With friends and family on most continents we are happy to be able to keep in touch with emails, blogs and of course snail mail. As to the later as we have no deliveries of any kind on the island, picking up mail requires a ferry ride across our inlet!

There is such a comfortable feeling in hearing of each and everyone and in turn share what is happening in our little corner of the world!

Many of our soldiers here at home and across the oceans hope to hear from someone who cares.
A letter means so much! Let no one be forgotten!


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