26 September 2012

There Is Always A King...And A Joker...

The last of our warm Summer days...(One stem and all those sunflowers!)

New arrival on the island (as you can see, he loves apple peels)

Truly a King! He is absolutely magnificent!
(Hunter beware: we bar hunters from this island!!)

Such a peaceful scene...everyday life on this little corner of God's Earth...

Alex? Is that you?

Camouflage anyone?
Alex - short for Alexandre (for those of you who have not met him yet) - is just a little joker!
Have a lovely day,


  1. Noelle, I have never seen so many sunflowers on one plant! Usually its one head per plant - amazing!
    And fantastic photos of the deer - that last pic is sweet!
    Thanks for sharing these!
    Gill xx

    1. Would you believe this sunflower is a renegade? Hubby forgot to plant sunflowers for me this year for the first time...Let's say God took it in His hands?
      The deer are just part of the family (and don't they know it! Beggars, all of them!) Hubby started to give them names and loves feeding them tidbits. We remind ourselves how blessed we are!

  2. Dear Lady,
    I would love to read your blog. You live on an island. How lovely!

    But did you know that you have the *dreaded* Word Verification Setting on? Making Dear Readers do that awful mixed-up-letter-and-numbers, in order to comment here?

    I left a comment on a older post here, and it too me 4 tries, to get the mixed-up-word right.

    Plus, you also have Comment Moderation setting on, so you always can make sure that only nice comments, get Published in your blog.

    Please..... Would you think on this? About removing the *dreaded* Word Verification Setting? Please and thank you, and please don't be upset with me, for telling you this.

    I don't like to just leave, when I find a blog with *dreaded* Word Verification Setting on. And the Dear Blogger doesn't know I was even here, nor why I did not stay and comment.

    Gentle hugs,
    (NE of USA)

    1. Dear Auntie,
      I started to answer your comment and pouf, it disappeared! Which therefore tells me as a member of the older generation (and Internet impaired) I am quite right to leave the settings in my children's capable hands.
      That said, I very much appreciate you taking the time to keep on trying the 'dreaded words/numbers' item.
      Shall I will count it as a blessing, I have NEVER received a negative comment?! The world is ugly enough! Let's live a Christ like life if we can!
      God bless,

  3. So glad they are all protected from hunters.


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