07 December 2014

The Fishermen's Church

I saw a little church to-day
The quaintest I have seen,
It stood amidst the fishing fleet
And made a charming scene.

Strangers viewed it with interest
This sea-stained House of God
And then as if enchanted,
its moss-grown paths have trod.

This little Church was built for such
Who wished to seek God's face,
For a spirit of holiness seemed to rest
Upon that sacred place.

When the hurricane is sweeping by
And the sea runs white with foam
The song I hear from the little Church
Soars above the ceaseless moan.

I love to read of the olden days
When our Lord walked by the sea
How He taught the poor and humble
By the shores of Galilee.

And when He saw the fishermen
Busy mending their nets,
He called them and they followed Him
To be His honoured guests.

God has not called the greatest,
Nor the highest in the land,
He calls His humble servants
To do what He commands.

And ye who are His followers,
Look up, your Lord is near:
Within His hand He holds the crown
That ye may some day wear.

(Source Hastings Church - E. Verness, the widow of a Hastings fisherman)

(Photo source Google)


  1. If only the great or would be great people of this world remembered that before they made decisions that affected the people who are standing on the ladder below them.


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