06 August 2015

A Moment Of Silence...

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(Photo source Google)

"The Peace park in the heart of Hiroshima fell silent on Thursday morning as more than 55,000 people marked the moment at 8.15am, 70 years earlier, when the atomic bomb exploded over the city and thrust the world into the nuclear age.

Bells then tolled and white doves were released into skies that were as clear blue as they had been on the morning of August 6 1945 when the US bomber, Enola Gay, flew over Hiroshima..."

(Source: Leo Lewis - Hiroshima)

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(Photo source Google)
Let's never forget and work harder than ever to bring
PEACE to our world


  1. It would be the best thing we could leave them a clean peaceful world.

  2. Oh it is so sad reading about war. I am a fan of Studio Ghibli and I have just bought Grave of the Fireflies, about the firebombing of Tokyo. But so far I have not been able to bring myself to watch it. I know that things are OK now because I was in Tokyo and saw for myself but it is still very hard to think about what happened on all sides in the war.


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