18 April 2011

The Beginning of Holy Week...

Jerusalem is a city perhaps never most thought of than during Holy Week and for Christians, this is a time to reflect on Christ's passion and death, pray and for many, fast and do penance.

During the Middle Ages the nobility would cease all secular activities and spend the days of Holy Week often in seclusion in a monastery to reflect on this special time in the liturgical year.
Farmers stopped working their land, artisans would lay down their tools, public offices would close and all music and dancing were banned.

The three days following Palm Sunday are still devoted in many countries to a thorough cleaning of the house following an ancient tradition for Easter. It is believed this custom reflects the ancient Jewish practice of a ritual cleansing of the whole house as required in the preparation for the Feast of Passover.

Praying is to welcome God's presence within our heart, something akin to God's family room within us, a place to relax with God.
Praying also before bedtime especially with young children is the perfect time for heart prayers. Just closing your eyes and inviting God in your heart, a quiet time for all at home even for just a few minutes.

This is a time for cleansing, a time for preparation, a time to reflect...
Thus begins Holy Week...

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