29 April 2011

Myrtle, Lily of the Valley, Sweet William, Ivy and Hyacinth

Much will be written about the Royal wedding today but I thought to just take a look at the bride's bouquet.
It is said it contained Myrtle, Lily of the Valley, Sweet William, Hyacinth and Ivy. 
A myrtle planted in Osborne House's garden in the Isle of Wight by Queen Victoria in 1845 provided a few stems and a sprig from a plant grown from the myrtle used in Queen Elizabeth II's wedding bouquet in 1947 was also included.
When given a nosegay containing myrtle by Prince Albert's grandmother, Queen Victoria had a sprig planted against the terrace walls at Osbourne House where it still thrives today and thus the tradition of carrying myrtle began.

As to the meaning of the wedding bouquet flowers:

-Myrtle symbolizes Marriage and Love
-Lily of the Valley promises the return of Happiness
-Sweet William shows Gallantry
-Hyacinth presents the Constancy find in Love
-And Ivy represents Fidelity, Affection and Friendship

A very good choice indeed and God speed!

P.S. I think everyone would enjoy reading the following! (Well written and with impeccable taste!)


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  1. Very interesting, thank you! Such a lovely simple little bouquet too, but with so much meaning.


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