01 July 2011

Canada Day and Anne of Green Gables

To all our Northern Friends,
Have a wonderful Canada Day!

I had the opportunity to visit beautiful Toronto ten years ago with my children and I loved it! There was so much to discover but the one thing I remember the most was the friendliness!
A favourite haunt of my daughter (Motorcoach, backpack and hostel has always been her way to go) I enjoyed the many sites and could not resist a trip on the Kayama!
I will soon be spending some time in British Columbia but the one place I would love to visit is Prince Edward's Island!

Since my daughter also introduced me to Anne of Green Gables I thought it fitting to feature this wonderful collection of the many adventures Anne - with an e - experienced on Prince Edward's Island!

When Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote about this lonely little girl she could not have guessed how popular her stories would become!
There is something so appealing to this orphan who despite life's challenges rises above it all! We have enjoyed seeing the movie so many times I fail to remember how many!
Who could resist her beautiful red hair and not feel some sort of kindred spirit with her?
Her antics have delighted generations and is sure to continue!

Here are two of my favourite quotes I just have to share with you:

'My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes. That's a sentence I read once and I say it over to comfort myself in these times that try the soul!'

'Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.' 

On a final note, I just heard from the soon to be Mum...her car battery died on her way to the midwife, the hood (trunk) is full of groceries and the temperature is about 26 degrees C (80F) and she is waiting for road assistance...
Praying all will go soon better and we can find out if Baby is a little Princess or a handsome Prince...
Anne - with an e - would have  been a good choice of name too...

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