26 July 2011

Thoughts of Christmas...

Yes, thoughts of Christmas dances in my head...

Dreams of marzipan fruits, sugar mice, decorating the Christmas tree, listening to Bing Crosby singing 'I'll be Home for Christmas' somehow helps the good and the bad days...
So far, I have read three times 'Carol, A Story for Christmas' told by Bob Hartman, a wonderful story teller - see review here!
I will be reviewing more Christmas stories so join me later if you are interested!

And for a few Blessings...

This morning brought photos of Madeline and we were so happy to see her little face! In the 22 days since she was born, she has touched so many hearts!
Thoughts, prayers and assistance have reached her parents from everywhere and whilst there are still many hurdles to overcome, the overwhelming joy of being able to hold finally their little girl has helped immensely!
A big Thank You to all the volunteers at Heavenly Angels In Need for all their kindness!

Note: This painting title "Mother Goose' is also by Lori Preutsch (and offered by the above Gallery)!
I cannot wait for Madeline to discover the world of Books!

Blogs far and away...

Slow Lane Life is moving in her dream house today in Somerset! I love to read her latest wanderings through the English countryside with her little family (all rescued!)
All the best Rachael!

(Another of Lori Preutsch's painting!s)

A big thank you to Tania as well at Out back for posting a great idea for an all naturall cleaner (that does not smell only of Vinegar)!
I just hope we get a little bit of sun...see here for recipe!

(Yet another of Lori Preutsch's paintings titled  'Spoonful')

 Counting Blessings and dreaming...of Christmas!

Please remember I share only my opinion and I was not asked to feature this artist or remunerated in any way for mentioning this gallery!

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