03 November 2012

LIEBSTER Award...A Lovely Way To Connect With Others...

A lovely young lady in Russia gave me this award! As I understand it I am now to pass it to eleven (11) bloggers to continue with the goodwill.
I am too happy to oblige, Maria Glazacheva and thank you for the kindness! God bless!

Each blogger puts his/her heart into their posts and we each have different reasons for following a blog or another.
Being the dreamer that I am, I lean to follow pet friendly blogs first and foremost, followed closely by those who post the sort of photos I will probably never be able to shoot (my thumb is usually in the way!).

I love to see all the goodies found in Charity shoppes or at the 'Marche aux Puces'...and often sigh at those little treasures featured in the most amazing ways...Colours...Blues mostly...Anything that evoke the ocean, a shell or a starfish...the sound of the waves crashing on the shore...I cannot forget flowers of course...A fresh cut flower means everything to me and like my Granny before me, I cannot come home without a bloom or two...

Globe trotters that we are, there are also the blogs that speak of lovely memories, special places we have seen at one time or another (some countries have actually changed their names since!) and then of course the ones that reminds us of Home...For Home is where the heart is, is it not?...

So choosing 11 blogs to help connect with others was not easy Maria! A challenge but one I will gladly take just for you! 
Note to readers: there is no order in this selection! No one is # 1! and I quickly realized I needed more than 11 spots!

Here it goes:

Posie Gets Cozy

Alicia shares her many talents with us as well as her lovely Corgi (!) and her beautiful little baby girl Amelia (I should not forget to mention Andy, her husband! Together they are a very special family!)

Slow Lane

Rachel moved in a beautiful little cottage in Somerset together with her black Lab Flossie, lots of kitties and has a marvelous eye for photography!

Brookwood Letters

Each post is a postcard from Scotland! I am still speechless at Annie and hubby Niels' sighting of a dolphin pod of over 100 and in a loch no less!

The House in the Roses

All I can say is I positively drool when I see this lovely lady's posts! Cielo's stunning photos are so much better than perusing Victoria's magazine!

2911 Jeremiah Avenue

Holly is fun, embraces life with both hands and reminds us there are many blessings to be thankful for! It is not so much for what she says but what I feel betwixt the lines that I read her blog! A real treasure!

Mrs. Miniver's Daughter

Mary lives in the city and brings me a little culture along with witty comments! I like to follow her book list as well!

Happy Homemaker UK

Laura is an American living in the UK and sharing all sorts of tidbits from abroad! Her photos are often stunning for their colour!

Marmelade Rose

Fiona lives in the Dales and is an amazing artist! Her felt creations are stunning in their originality! These lady's fingers seem to be blessed by faeries...

Nostalgia at the Stone House

Niki has a shoppe in Bath I must visit when next home. There seems to be endless little nooks and crannies to discover in it! She also creates one of a kind piece (and I would like one of each).

Little Birdie Blessings

Abby shares her faith and creative talent with anyone! This lovely lady has brought me peace and contentment more than once with her verses!

The Shop Around the Corner

Marcia's blog brings happy feelings and you cannot have too many of these! Her craft has made many of us feeling just a little bit more special (listening to her choice of music will keep you dancing!)

As I stated, I needed more than 11 spots! (Go ahead and check the list of blogs I follow...Everyone of them is amazing!)
Browsing the Net has helped this islander from feeling 'adrift'.

There you go Maria! I hope this fulfills the requirements for passing on this lovely LIEBSTER Award!

благодарю Masha!


  1. Bonjour Noelle,
    Merci de mettre la ligne d`enterrent sur moi dans votre blog c`est très sympas!!! :0) Et merci de vôtres gentille mots sur moi au début de votre message!!! :0) Je suis très heureux!!!! ;0)

    Et aussi vous savait écrire un peux russe!! :0) COOL!! ;0)

    Bonne dimanche!!! Et merci encore une fois!! ;0)
    xxx Maria xxx

  2. Congrats on the award I am going to have to check all those blogs out!! I love looking for new blogs ~Love Heather


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