06 November 2012

The Wonderful World of Books...

I am always startled to see the closing of a book shoppe. I realize worldwide economic difficulties have brought such hardships but it is still hard to phantom the reasoning behind. Books bring such happiness at the best of time and trust me, when there is no power it is also an heavenly source of entertainment! 

I often lament Internet, I pads, Smartphones and the advent of  E books cannot possibly compare to the joy of holding a hardback in your hands. All sensory comes charging when you turn a new page, never mind uncovering a whole new story, as it envelops your whole being when reading, perhaps tucked in a corner on a dismal Autumn eve. 
Even a Classic read many, many times over brings such satisfaction, don't you think so?

A book shoppe's closed doors throws some of us in a dispirited mood and I will admit to be such a person!  It's like telling someone they can no longer have sweets!
Yes, there are other venues each available online and like everyone else, I defer to this easy way to purchase a title I covet. But it will never replace the joy of stepping in a shoppe and browse through shelves of written gems!

If this was not enough, our local library is closing its doors for remodeling. ETA for this spanking new building...4 months! And all this throughout the Winter months...If I knew how to draw a cartoon, this one would bear a balloon saying 'I am so disgruntled!'

I have the pleasure to review a handful of hardbacks in the upcoming Christmas Season and I can only say each and every one brought a big smile and not a little sigh of happiness on my part! What a good feeling to hold these little treasures!

A bit of Autumn beauties at the center of the dinner table...

And whilst I continue to grumble upon this sorry taste of affairs, let me share a great post from 'A Cottage in Totteridge, describing a fellow avid reader's sentiments! 

And at the risk of contradicting myself, I also see her point in preferring a tablet to lug around versus a large tome - then again, perhaps it is because I go in panic mood when ANY hardback is taken out of the house...Paperback allowed only!


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  1. Oh, I agree! Don't you just love books - especially old ones. The other day I was in a thrift show and picked up some old books and the smell was so wonderful!! Your arrangement is lovely!
    Thinking of you!


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