28 February 2015

Going Through Rough Waters...

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These hands hold the joy and dread of time,
Each tick takes me to or past some moment of the 'it'
the fine edge of is, was or will be.

I want more than a moment for all these present tenses
I want a blurring of time for his face, her touch, their tears
to suspend in the infinite space between seconds.

I want to do away with tocks, chimes and alarms,
the flashing red numerals, I want to unwind it all.

Sometime life can throw a few challenges in your path and I find myself praying a little harder these days because of it.
I spotted the above poem (prayer) on a non descriptive hospital waiting room and jotted down the words so as not to forget them. 
I hope kindred spirits will appreciate all it holds!

Have a nice weekend,


  1. I liked the words...I want to unwind it all. Praying that your rough waters will lead to smooth sailing soon Love Heather

    1. Thank you Heather!! I welcome any prayer!
      Hugs to the Watts family,

  2. It says a lot, pity we can't control time wipe out the bad and prolong the good.

  3. The harder we pray, however difficult it is, the more our Faith grows. Because it proves we believe there's Someone out there listening.

    God bless.


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