17 February 2015

The Many Expressions Of Love

According to the Ancient Greeks, there are 6 words for Love, each an inspiration for those looking for a soul mate who might answer to their emotional needs or just anyone in need of human kindness!

- Eros or sexual passion
- Philia, or deep friendship
- Ludus, or playful love
- Agape, or love for everyone
- Pragma, or longstanding love
- Philautia, or love of the self

Everyday I learn another expression of love and this one was so sweet I could  not but share it with readers.
Let's begin with a little background story for this:

Two retired priests of different dioceses meets regularly to work on Homilies and over the years have perfected their collaboration. Together they form a formidable team, the first having an unmistakable eloquence, the second a joyful outlook on life. 

Today was a special day for both of these men since an elderly parishioner invited them to her home, presenting them with a four course meal and a welcome fit for kings. The 85 year old lady woke up at 0330 hours to start cooking!

In anticipation, the first man thought to bring the wine and carefully chose a vintage fit for the occasion. The second decided to bring flowers and rode his bicycle to a nearby shoppe to choose the perfect blooms for their hostess. 
An avid cyclist, he rides everywhere in the city like many of his compatriots. However, a quick stop at the newspapers shoppe also meant the bicycle was unattended for a couple of minutes...
And you guessed it, someone saw the bouquet sticking out of his basket and absconded with the flowers! (Shame on you whomever you are!)

Ever the resourceful person however shy he might be, this man went home, found a small bottle in the recycling bin, removed gently the label and went into the garden where he chose one tiny bloom to tuck it in the bottle. A romantic! Aaaahhh!

Imagine the lady's face as she receive this last gift and was told the event leading to this humble gesture! A few tears were not out of place, would you agree?! 

Lesson # 1: Love comes in many forms, and this AGAPE will never be forgotten I am certain! 
Lesson # 2: Never leave your bicycle unattended, even if you are a Priest! Ahem, Father!!

P.S. I am told the shrimp Scampi, the sole, small fried potatoes, cherry pie, Brazilian cake and chocolate mousse were delicious (particularly since the leftovers went home with the two guests!) and so was the wine that went with it. 
Needless to say, the humble bloom resided in the middle of the table!


  1. What a beautiful post! Touched my heart.

  2. The gift often doesn't matter it's the story and the spirit in which it is given.

    1. Very true Merle yet how many of us fail to see a gift for the spirit in which it was given...
      I'll wager this sweet lady will never forget the gesture and the story behind!
      Blessings to you and yours and hugs to a great Aussie Corgi!


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