03 April 2015

Good Friday

A message of Love between a Father and His son:

O my Father, can You hear me call?
I need Your light, there’s darkness over all.

I ache to hear Your voice but remain here all alone
Father, when will I begin my journey home?

O my Son, I know You cannot hear.

But I am coming, behold I am very near.
Hold to my words until You hear the trumpet call,
Then You my Son will rise the victor of all!

(Source:  “The Descent - Arise” by Christian Stephens)


  1. Best wishes for a Happy and Blessed Easter to you and yours.

    God bless.

    1. Reading Feline Catastrophes, you poor man! I cannot but chuckle at some of your misadventures, forgiving me!
      Has the cat behaved lately or is still a sort of cold war?

    2. Oh it's so nice of you to write in about my "Feline Catastrophes" book. It's one of my earliest. Perhaps I should re-publish some of the stories on my blog. Glad I made you smile.

      Hope you are keeping well.

      God bless you and your family.

  2. He was in my heart all day on Good Friday.



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