01 April 2015

To Believe Like A Small Child Again...

Photos of the day - March 31, 2015

(Photo source Kristy Wiggleworth/AP Photo)

A beautiful photo, a child's innocence, the whole world in front of her...

One thing though...Not everything is as it seems...It appears this butterfly is facing us, the child is just behind (a glass plate?Both photos are superimposed?) and it is therefore unlikely the butterfly landed on her nose...

Still, both are God's work! To believe like a small child again...


  1. I often long for that Noelle. Wishing you many spiritual blessings on this Holy Week!

  2. As you say to believe like a child makes anything possible.

  3. Oh, if only we could see things through the eyes of a child, Noelle. I was at my brother's house this morning and he lives in a neighborhood of older houses with flowers and trees everywhere. Nature was all around me, so I couldn't help but take it all in. This is such a special picture of the butterfly and child. :~)

    Have a nice week.


  4. How interesting that you noticed the trickery of that photo, Noelle! Nevertheless, yes, what a dream to have the whole world in front of you, again! Pure joy!!

    Happy weekend!



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