24 May 2015

And Now For That Announcement I mentioned Sometime Ago...

This is a post long overdue but like many things in my life lately I find it difficult to write it and yes, it kept me awake at night more than once. 

I love blogging and even more reading as you might know. Sadly the latter has not been easy for me due to two things: An eye problem which is not going away (and never will I am told) and a change of heart as well. 

I found myself homesick more than I can say and have seen my share of travel and will again in a few days. My destination is Home, those childhood haunts so familiar I can still navigate by myself despite the years of absence.
Due to strict security regulations these days, traveling overseas however is not as 'glamourous' as in the past but not even the long lines and delays have slowed me down.  Have suitcase, will travel...

So in a few days I will take to the sky again, this time for months. 

I have contacted sponsors to let them know I will no longer post about the latest books offerings and thank them for their support in the past. There are some amazing authors well worth mentioning and I have been blessed with such opportunities. 

Traveling as I have and will continue to do means I use a camera more and more and thus I will post now and then photos and anecdotes related to these. 

I will also continue to discover the marvels of E Books thanks to my KINDLE: enlarging the fonts enables me to read some if not all the time. Not computer savvy I have none the less learned to download music, checked emails, surfed webs etc...

I always keep promises, and I will post about three movies I accepted to review back in April and have just arrived. One is the continuation of a series I love and I am certain you will like!

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to followers and for the comments I love to receive! Your kindness makes my days easier!

So until the next time...

May God keep you safe always,

basket flowers old camera sand sea beach

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  1. Dear Noelle,

    I know exactly what you mean regarding those 'old haunts' that we know like the back of our hand, so familiar and so missed when we are far away from them. As you may be doing soon, I am already in my hometown of Toronto, Canada for the spring and summer months and it feels so 'right'.

    Wishing you safe travels on your various journeys and look forward to staying in touch with our posts, whenever they may be.

    Happy Sunday!


  2. Oh, I love your blog, I really do. Please just post when you can, I would love to see your photos.
    God bless you! Keep dreaming! xx

  3. I am sorry that you are facing this change in your life, but I hope that you find the old haunts support and cheer you. I look forward to future posts even if they are not the same as before. Good luck on your travels!

  4. Happy and safe traveling. Please post when you can, if you can . Looking forward to travel pictures as well.

  5. Sorry to hear about the problem with your eyes Noelle but happy to hear you will have longer to spend at HOME! Going home is good for the heart--may God bless you as you spend time there.
    Blessings, Aimee

  6. I've read and enjoyed your blog for a long time too and will miss your reviews but I'm wishing you the very best. I hope your travels take you home and give you joy. Sending you lots of hugs. I always felt like we were kindred spirits and I finished a book tonight that I thought you might like and came over to tell you about it. At the Water's Edge. I just wrote my review on goodreads. hugs, Diane


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