03 May 2015

As Promised...

Standing tall and proud, the nation's guardian...Le Lion des Flandres (Flemish Lion).

Monument to King Leopold 1, Laeken.

Located in the Royal Gardens, this magnificent example of Gothic architecture is credited to Louis de Curte (known also for the St Michael and Gudula Cathedral in Brussels), recognized at the International Exhibition of 1876 for his excellent designs and command of elaborate and faithful details.

A mere 7 km from Brussels, Spring is showing all its colours in the 14 hectares gardens of Groot Bijgarden. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and roses abound here for visitors to admire late April and early May.

First edified in the 12th Century, the newer 17th Century Flemish Renaissance Castle of Groot Bijgarden is not opened to visitors but with such beautiful gardens none the less a must seen if you happened to be in the vicinity. 

Trees are only showing their buds but the flora is well evident in the park.

I have to laugh...I did not want to sound like a tourist yet I do! 

Tomorrow I would like to share my visit to a beautiful grotto in Brussels and perhaps introduce you to a lovely farmhouse close to Verdun the next time?!

See you then,


  1. Glad you are enjoying Belgium. I would love to visit and spend more time there one day - there is much to see and do and it has particular memories for me as I spent 6 months in Brussels when I was a young girl. I'm sure it would appear very different to me now,

  2. I completely love the first and last photo - what a grand lion he is - and those tulips!!! Gorgeous - thanks for sharing! J9 x

  3. Love the flowers among the trees! They look so natural, just as if God planted them there:)
    Blessings, Aimee


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