17 June 2015

A Little Late But Heartfelt...

The first thing you notice when you have been gone a long time from Home is that you changed just as much as everything else has...Then again, it is perhaps a good thing.

What truly matters is the incredible feeling you experience knowing you belong! Yes, you developed a certain accent after all those years and adopted new customs but all in all, it is not a bad thing to be different...
You have become YOU!

Dare to be different but always graceful and kind to others!

Note to readers: Thank you for the sweet comments! With sporadic Internet service and Google questioning the authenticity of an account used on a foreign device, I find myself late in posting. This is my first post on a Kindle...Bear with me please!


  1. A sense of belonging with a twist of difference is a good thing.

  2. It doesn't matter at all. Btw you getting images posting, I never could.


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