25 June 2015

Such Darlings Could Never Do Anything So Naughty...

Hi Folks,

MAC here, wishing you a lovely day!

Mum says I am at times naughty: Hey, I thought that little peep squeak in the ball (make that plurial, I go through a lot of balls!) was to be removed IMMEDIATELY! Chiche!

She trusts me though enough to keep the house safe whilst she is away; I keep an eye on Dad whilst he is a bachelor and tending his garden (when he is not flying his simulator)...I sunbathe, he works...

Maira, being a cat (and a girl!) just roams around the house and gives us 'those' looks...

We get along just fine, no worries. Just take a look at nap time here (I won't share a photo of Dad snoring in his chair though...He might say no treats after that little jest!)

See how relaxed we are?

How could you ever describe us as being naughty? Whom? Us? NEVER! We are just angels in furry coats!

There are of course some amongst us, canine and feline friends around the world, whom one could perhaps describe as being just a tad naughty...

(Photo source HERE)

Those sweet looks might fool you though so read the whole story at DOWN BY THE SEA.

No matter, we are loved and we know it well!

Mum is writing about us from faraway (under the curious scrutiny from another friend) but we keep always in touch.

Until the next time,


  1. Such an easy life: eat, play, sleep...eat, play, sleep...Lucky pets! But we love them to death and they fill our lives with such love and trust!
    Thanks for stopping by Mike, I must do the same and see what you have been up to lately!

  2. Animals can be so much fun; and clever too. My dog knows exactly when it's time to eat and to go walkies. And I did not teach him to do that.

    God bless.

    1. Ah, Ah Victor!
      May this beautiful Sunday be all you hoped for. God bless,

  3. Replies
    1. So nice to see you here Kayla! Hugs to the kiddies, hoping Dan is safe and sound home and you are well!

  4. Great post Noelle! Cute pet family you got there:)
    Blessings, Aimee


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