10 October 2010

Deer family and photos worth any words

Our little island is blessed with lots of deer albeit I wish their enthusiasm for our flowers would be a tad more restraint! Despite fences (a special netting "guaranteed" to keep them out...) we are always on the lookout for some offender or other.

This little family seem to have adopted us and is unusual as Dad, Mum and the kiddies are all browsing nearby.
I am guilty of feeding them carrots and apples of course so it is no wonder they like it here!

This doe in fact should receive the Motherhood Doe Award! She is incredibly patient with her fawns and remarkably so even when we feed them. Other doe would snap at their off springs but not this one!

And yes, the flowers in the window boxes are silk...I learned the first year we moved on the island real plants was not such a good idea at nose level...

To all our friends and family overseas and on the mainland, life is good on the island and we are blessed!

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