21 May 2012

Backyard Horse Tales by Jackie Easton, Book review


Born with a brave heart and an in your face attitude, Sox was also born with a leg that was not quite right. His courage and complete disregard for his handicap inspire his little friend Emma.
Young Emma Struggles with a learning disability. This lonely child befriends Sox and an unbreakable bond is formed. 
Readers share in Sox's adventures, his friends, and his challenges. Sox is a heart-warming tale for every child who has ever dreamed of a special horse, and for anyone who has loved an equine partner.

My thoughts:

Through a Quarterhorse's view of our busy world and the heartwarming diary of a young girl named Emma with a learning disability, we discover the story of Sox. 
Sox is a horse born with, you guessed it, socks on his hind legs!

Told with a knowledgeable equine insight, you cannot fail to recognize this author's love for horses!  Jackie Anton after all has many years of experience and like every horse owner she has a few anecdotes I am certain that will have you chuckle! Every herd has its clown as I well recall!

'Backyard Horse Tales' is a warm heart story anyone, young and not so young, will fall in love with! There is a magnetism about these beautiful creatures which makes any youngster dream of befriending a favourite steed! 
Anyone who has seen a wild herd running will attest to God's amazing creation!

In this 2nd edition of 'Backyard Horse Tales' we follow Sox as he discovers his surroundings and forges a special friendship with Emma. Through his colt's eyes we see there is much more to live in a stable that eating and exercising. And not everything is as he wishes...

Emma's diary leads us to understand their very special relationship as Sox grows from a foal to a colt and eventually a gelding. As time goes by, both horse and child have much to learn and share with the other. Growing up is not always easy...
Despite the odds, both Sox and Emma dare to be different and eventually overcome their challenges!

There has been countless stories written about horses and their human friends but I found this one absolutely endearing! 

An excellent gift, it is certain to become a favourite book for parents and grandparents to share with any youngster 8 years old and up. The unfolding story and its ultimate message will be treasured for years to come!

I give it 4 stars!

About the Author:

'Jackie Anton was born in Michigan, and much of her first five years were spent there. Most of her remaining years she called Ohio home. By the time she reached high school the author had been enrolled in thirty-two schools from the Great Lakes to the Panhandle of Texas.
As a mother, horse trainer and showman, youth adviser, and horse show judge her travels continued. Visiting new locations, and meeting new people is something she still enjoys. Her travels are reflected in her writing. Backyard Horse Tales documents some of those travels from an equine point of view.'
For more on Jackie visit her website (here).

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