10 May 2012

Corgi Love Is Like No Other...

Corgi lovers have a tendency to be a little nutty about their four legged best friends and I will admit to being just so! If one of us sees another Corgi anywhere, in the park, on the street, in a car, we just gravitate towards it (some might think it is stalking!).

My daughter is such a person...I remember only too well visiting Manhattan one early brisk morning and suddenly have to trot (no jogging for me) after her because she'd spotted two Corgis turning the corner...
Yes, we have always owned Corgis, Welsh Pembroke Corgi each and everyone! Of the six, only two were purchased and the other four rescued. We love them!

What makes a Corgi (Pembroke or Cardigan) so very special to their owner? Do you know the legends? Oh yes, there are many about the Corgi! Take a wee look (here) and find out for yourself!

You might also like to take a peek at this lovely little gal (here)! MacIntosh and I love to visit to see what she is up to and I totally agree with her Mum Alicia, that little tongue cannot be resisted!

And now for a very special treat (see below)! I recently was sent by my son a link to a fellow author's blog who loves Corgis just like we do! This photo was absolutely priceless!

A very big thank you to their Mum for allowing me to post this photo!

(Photo courtesy of Annie Marchall, Celtic Paranormal Romance Novelist)

Sweet Dreams everyone,

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