04 May 2012

Storytales and Children Books Illustrations...

As a small child I loved to be read stories and I was fascinated by the wonderful illustrations which I carefully admire over and over. The amazing colours, the feel of the crisp pages, even the smell of the book...

I marveled at the myriad details which came alive under the pencil of the illustrator just for my pleasure! It allowed me to dream and often escape...My imagination took me to exquisite places and like a bird flying, I spread my wings wide and far...The world was at my fingertips and all I had to do was open a book and turn the pages!

Of course once I could read all by myself, nothing could stop me! Reading became a passion! Stories of faraway and often exotic places held me captivated! These stories did not need any illustrations!

Rudyard Kipling introduced me to deep dark jungles where animals spoke and exciting, mysterious Indian tales full of spices!  Alexandre Dumas brought the exciting 'Count de Monte Christo' and the 'Man in the Iron Mask' and my softer side delighted in all fifteen of the stories collected in 'Oeuvres de la Comtesse de Segur', to my Mother's relief of course. 
Once I discover The Travels of Marco Polo however, there was no stopping me! 

Still I pored over many Faeries Tales, Russian, French and Scandinavian and fell in love with their beautiful illustrations. I learned to draw by focusing on the little details shown on these amazing pictures and soon fancied myself an artist!
I was by then 9 years old!

As an adult I discovered Beatrice Potter's stories and was introduced to the wonderful world of TashaTudor! Her Corgis illustrations soon came to be a favourite of mine and of course, I am collecting her books!

You do not have to be a child to delight in Children books and I still love to read them! For just a moment, you can immerse yourself in a fantasy world and escape any worries! 

Imagination...God gives us an opportunity to feel like children always and dream...

This post was inspired by my lovely daughter who has collected for many years children books for their amazing illustrations (I stopped counting the book shelves in her little house) and by 'The Shop Around the Corner' (see here) and you will understand why I felt the child in me today! The blog photos featured are absolutely stunning and certain to inspire you to discover a whole new world full of dreams!

God is good, God is great...


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you did, because now I've discovered this wonderful place full of delightful reviews on books I might like to read. :-) I am a big fan of Miss Potter and watch the DVD's of her stories with my little grandson on a weekly basis. :-) Tasha Tudor is another favorite too ~ who can't just love a corgi?!
    Blessings to you,

  2. Hi Noelle,
    Just found your blog and it's a lovely place! :)
    I have decided to "stay" and have become your newest follower and subscriber. I would love to have you stop by and "visit" me sometime. :)
    Many blessings!

  3. Awh, Noelle, this is beautiful. I've always loved children's books, but now am just beginning to delight in them as they are meant to be enjoyed, slowly taking in every detail. LOVE your blog and I SO look forward to visiting. Now following and added you to my sidebar to not miss a thing.
    All us dreamers coming together in a place that has no limitations on distance is like living a fairy tale of our own. :)
    Love and blessings,

  4. So lovely these illustrations!!!

    ♥ Franka


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