09 June 2012

Bicycle Anyone?

Bicycle anyone?

For some reason bicycles have been on my mind. It started with reading a book about Grand Tours in Europe at the beginning of last century (review to be posted shortly).
The author mentioned a bicycle ride for the protagonists and I was most curious to know if indeed this was a possibility. I quickly found a wealth of information on the Net - see (here) - (the best part of reviewing books is to learn yet something new!).

Let me explain bicycles are such an integral part of my native land, EVERYONE rides a bicycle...but NOT me!
For one reason or another I graduated from the tricycle to...my two feet!
Blame it on a complete lack of balance or lack of temerity but I cannot seem to aim, pedal and go...betwixt 1, 2 and 3,  I meet the ground in a most unladylike fall. Never mind! That's me!

Dad used to pedal fervently everywhere with a basket seat in the front, one in the back for my sibling and myself. Mum preferred to enjoy her bicycle without the added weight I imagine as she is very light. 
Both sides of the family still rides daily, some even to work, yet I cannot.

Ex-RAF hubby's prized bicycle has not yet been tested this year on the road...our island roads are sadly lacking on that score as a new water system is being installed and all our roads are most impractical at the best of times with rather large pebbles. The rain has not helped either...It seems we have had showers since last Septembre!

Then there is the young friend who only last week was most interested in a Schwinn pink model...her dream, she tells me.

And today I received a kind comment from a trendy London based Bicycle shoppe! It is always nice for a blogger to receive any comment but I appreciated it even more since I was a tad homesick today!

So here we go, completely unrequested and with no remunerations attached, a quick look at a new blog Olympic Park Cycles .

With an impressive stock and bikes for any budget, for everyone from children to adults, regular bicycles to high end road bikes. They offer many styles such as mountain bikes, hybrids, racers and road bikes.
As for the location, it seems the shoppe is on Kings Road,Chelsea London near the Olympic Village.
Info available for Chelsea Bicycles (here).

With the cost of petrol these days and the upcoming Olympics games, it sound like the perfect choice!
Best of luck to them!

As for me, as hubby tells me this is the ONLY choice...


I do!

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  1. I think I love the romanticism that goes with them more than anything else, but here in Florida, I'd last about five minutes before wilting on one. That pink one is adorable.
    Fun stopping by today.
    Much love,


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