29 August 2012

Curly Sue?

Warm lazy days of Autumn nearing...

We have many visitors in the morning! Even a tiny brown squirrel in search of a few nuts perhaps? (so tiny he/she could fit in the palm of your hand!)

Rutting season is approaching and we now have new faces on the island, this one is 'Alex's friend.
New face (and hairdo?) for the handsome buck below.
We named him 'Curly Sue'! 
Bucks (and does) swim across the inlet often to check out mates on the island during the season.

They have begging down to an art, trust me!

On a more serious note, our thoughts and prayers goes to the many who are feeling the wrath of Hurricane 'Isaac'. 
Described as a Category 1, experts concerns are flooding and extreme storm surging along the (Gulf) coast.
Our heart remains with all the people stranded in its path! God speed!

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