06 August 2012

Summer Heat, Books & Thoughts...

Summer appeared on our island with a loud 'bang'...96 degrees in the shade in fact! Outch!
Venturing outside in the wee morning is fine (Frisbee playing with MacIntosh) but in the afternoon we both take refuge inside, well hidden from the sun rays! 

Perfect reading time and there are many books to read on my shelves! In the last two years I have discovered I love to review the latest offerings and I hope to continue to do so! 
E-Books are still a strange entity for me! I like the feel of pages just waiting to be turned...

And since I get bored easily, I decided to spruce up 'Live and dream a little dream'...
Not just a new banner but (courtesy of Shabbyblogs), a new background as well! 
I love the colours and I hope readers will do too!

Enjoy the Summer...Autumn is not far!


  1. oh yeah, I don't know for sure if those dogs were corgis or not...looked like it, huh?! Cuties they are, but I kinda like dogs!!

  2. Love the new look and I couldn't agree more about books. I like the feel of the pages and covers, the smell of nostalgia, the way they dress my shelves, and when they hug me back while I fall asleep with one across my chest, particularly while sitting under an umbrella at the beach. Don't think an e-book will cover all that. ;)

    Have a beautiful day, Noelle.


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