26 October 2012

Less We Forget Their Sacrifice...

'Day of the Deployed'...
26 Octobre 2012
Please take a moment today and everyday to remember the thousands of Soldiers (US and Abroad) -  and their families - who sacrifice daily for our Freedom...

I Am the One

I am the one,
who was
there in the fight that won the United States of America 

 the right to be the land of the free and voice of liberty.

I am
the one,
who does what must be done
to save and protect
what we all hold dear and respect.

I am
the one,
who doesn't run
when faced with an enemy's gun,
there, standing tall
in response to my cherished nation's call.

I am
the one,
whose life was undone,
while doing my very best
for you and all
the rest
during a noble quest.

I am
the one,
who is a daughter, son,
or ano
ther loved one,
proudly serving
the USA
every single day
Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Army or National Guard
with it never being about me...
but out of love for my great country!

By David G. Bancroft 

Take a moment to visit SOLDIERS' ANGELS (here) to see how you can help!
To Joshua, John, Mike, Tania, Gunny,  Aaron, Limek and so many others...THANK YOU!

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