03 October 2012

That Lovely Button...

Someone mentioned Christmas is only 82 days away! Oh dear! Really? Have I lost track of the time (yet again)?
It seems like yesterday Summer was here...Autumn only just started! 
The way we live on 'island time' - truly, no watch/no clock observed here - we depend on Mother Nature to tell us what season it is or the antlers on the bucks!
Watches are only used for ferry time! (If we miss it, it is a long wait - last one is at 7pm!)

But back to the upcoming Holidays...Visions of shopping for family and friends, food and posting parcels and greeting cards suddenly loom ahead and I have yet to store sundresses and flip flops away! Outch!

The very idea of trudging in Malls for that special gift gives me chills! Masses of hurried people all rushing to purchase something (which most likely will never be used or possibly even returned) for their families and friends just seem so cold!
The only exception I make is shopping for the Troops!!

But now if all computers came with that little button...
It would be so easy to find that special gift!
For once, electronics have a little more appeal!
I am just as adverse to shopping in (large) grocery stores if you must know! I procrastinate, I sigh and then I rush through, often forgetting one thing or another (a real hazard when you live on an island!).

Instead I prefer the old ways..
Take a basket for a start...

And if you don't have one or need a new one...
Oh yes, I LOVE baskets! You cannot have too many of these, they are so handy!

Shopping for me includes...

Top of my list is stopping for a few blooms of course!

This sign of course would guarantee a stop...(and a return!)

And whatever else, this shoppe is sure to see me coming back (again and again!)
All else is quickly forgotten...

So Holidays shopping is still faraway in my daily planning...

Since Dry Dock is coming to an end (next week?), I guess I better start a list however...Fresh fruits and vegetables are coming to an end!

There is shopping and then shopping I guess! being much of a dreamer, I will never claim to be practical...

So do you like shopping?

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