25 October 2012

Once Upon A Time There Was A Little Goose...

In a perfect world such story as Gabby the Goose's would remain unnoticed but as it is, we must rely on other bloggers to pass on some good news (since broadcast news has anything but!)

If you have not read it yet you will not want to miss this story! 

Meredith Chilson writes in her 'Stories from Neighbouring Coops' about a little farm owned by a lovely lady named Amy...

'Gabby the Goose was born on Mothers’ Day, 2011.  Her mother was thrilled with her arrival, after trying for 3 years to hatch some goslings.  A couple hours after Gabby freed herself from the egg, her mother noticed that something was not right.   Gabby had a huge round head that seemed too heavy for her to hold up, and her feet and legs were twisted.

The mother goose pushed Gabby from the nest, aware that she could do nothing for the deformed little goose.  She put Gabby in the weeds along the side of the nest, but continued to coo and caress Gabby with her bill.  The mother goose appeared to be mourning the loss of her baby, while still trying to comfort the now cold, shivering gosling...'

Got you attention, did it not? For the rest of this amazing story, see link below!



God is good! God is great!

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