17 February 2013

Little Things Makes Us Happy...

Leaving for abroad with an empty suitcase for the sole purpose of 'splurging' , I come back to the island dragging a whole parcel of odds and ends I pick up along my trip home!
Since I make it a point to bring back only the little things that makes us happy, often not found easily or if ever, I can justify going shopping without hearing any grumble from ex-RAF flyboy!

This was a long time coming though as I hesitated to purchase the necessary tins due to their weight, the opportunity gone much too quickly!  I was only too happy to have my niece sending it to me later on, bless her, and just in time for hubby's birthday!

Now for the drum roll...
Step one of preparing Pork Pies... 

Lakeland had just what I was looking for! One surprise though: one tin had 2 removable bottoms! Nifty I guess if I ever need to replace one.

Step two, Crust and filling assembled!

And voila! First try though and I must remember to dampen the wax paper a little more so that it does not stick! 
Recipe (HERE) if you are interested!
Sunday Tea time and hoping it taste as good as it looks! Thank you Michele!!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Note: I am not endorsing Lakeland by any means but enjoy shopping there every chance I get!


  1. My those pork pies look good, I make terrible pastry you could play football with my pastry so I stick to buying all my pies, even the frozen stuff doesn't really work with me.
    Going shopping with a suitcase that's an idea.

  2. Oh Merle! You had me in stitches! The (recently open) British Connection shoppe is the only place I can buy these and very dire when it is so easy to make and much healthier. That said, without the tins, I couldn't do much! Due to ferry schedules, frozen is not possible (no ice cream, sigh). Our ferry has a twelve car maximum capability and we have to wait often due to shuttles, then the shoppes are also 1 hour + away...
    I have brought back in the past food, ustensils, clothes, wellies, oh and wallpaper (and before you think I am nutty, it was Paddington's and unavailable here!). Not so easy these days with all the regulations.
    Blessings Dear! Always glad to 'read you'!

  3. I haven't traveled in a while, but starting out with an empty suitcase and returning home with a full one is my dream.

    The pork pies look amazing - almost too pretty to eat. :)

    Have a wonderful week!
    ~ Zuzu

  4. Zuzu, I am happy to report the pork pies tasted just as good as they looked (judging from the look on hubby, son and the Corgi's faces...yes, I dropped a wee slice and true to his kind, the Welsh Corgi swopped it!)

    I am almost ashamed to admit...We go home with one (empty) suitcase and bring back two...Those car boots sales (very popular outdoor sales in the UK, something of a trunk sale in the US?) are irresistible, then there are the charity shoppes and the weekly markets and...
    Congratulations again on being a GrandMa!


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