10 February 2013

Time Capsule...

By definition a Time Capsule is a container holding historical records or objects representative of the present culture, deposited  most likely in a cornerstone for preservation until discovery by some future generation.
A project adopted by many individuals, schools and organizations across the world to ascertain others will be introduced to our society, technology and dreams is how I like to think of it!

Society has evolved in such a selfish direction I am not sure I would want personally to introduce it to anyone, be it alien form or future generations! 
To be sure, little has been learned from past mistakes...Sad, but there it is!

Technology is yet another thing! It is said technology has developed by leaps and bounds, to satisfy our constant need to obtain more and more, and always at the snap of our fingers! (Needless to say, we often forget without energy, none of this will be of much use to us!)
I, like others have appreciated heat at the touch of a button (instead of the endless hand carried coal scuttles!) and Internet service (without which I could not write this post!)

When asked what he would most want to put in a Time Capsule in the early 1950's a ten year old boy answered: a copy of his favourite Comic, a handful of marbles, a package of gum and a letter of introduction.

Then we have the young 1960's starlet who had a hard time to decide which shade of nail polish to include with her copy on 'How to Remain Young' (not the exact title Folks to spare the 'innocent') and a glossy of her favourite male (a signed copy I understand, truly a magnanimous gesture!)

A 21st Century Sales Manager came up with three items: a microwave, a computer and a VCR. ( I hope he did not forget to include the direction pamphlets as so far, no Manufacturer has yet agreed on one universal set of instructions!). 
At any rate, that would require a rather large Time Capsule! 
No letter of introduction? Sad!

None of these truly inspired me (albeit the ten year old won!) but today my daughter introduced me to a Time Capsule like no other...
Paris, seventy years ago...
It's like a dream to be sure...
Imagine just for a moment what might have happened then...

(Photo source below)

It seems the owner left her Parisian apartment in a hurry as Europe was engulfed in the horrors of WW2 and abandoned it all. Then 70 years later she passed away some and the door was opened...

For those of you who like to dream (welcome!) and have yet to hear about this incredible find, I am including the link so that you might indulge in discovering a real Time Capsule!



  1. Hello, sweet Noelle! What a great post dear friend :0) So romantic! Thank you for sharing this with us. Time capsule is such a big idea :0)
    Have a lovely week

  2. Natalia, I just looked at that lovely vanity and the mirror and felt a whole world waiting behind its reflections! Ah, the romantic dreams! I will always wonder what happened 70 years ago but would rather imagine something wonderful, wouldn't you?
    Hoping morning sickness over and you are your radiant self again!

  3. Noelle,
    Yes, the little boy's suggestion for the time capsule was very sweet. Children are so special, and they live and love the simple things. This is very interesting to me....I will have to ask the girls what they would put in a time capsule if we had one today. I love that french vanity set. That's one of the prettiest things I've seen. Have a blessed week.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. What a marvelous idea Sheri! My daughter knows what a dreamer I am, hence the reason for sending the link but I never thought to ask what she would put in a time capsule or even what I would put in one.
    I'll ponder on this for awhile...

  5. Good gracious what an AMAZING story! And the love story too... wow. Someone should make a film. Our old family home, though not exactly a time capsule, was left mostly untouched for about 40 years. Strange and rather sad, I found it, but interesting too.

    I wonder, also, why the old lady in Paris never returned. Perhaps she thought she would, then realised it might make her feel sad, and couldn't quite bring herself to send in the valuers....

  6. Jenny, thank you for stopping by and yes, an amazing story.
    I would love to know the end as well...But then I couldn't dream about it...
    Happy Valentine's Day!


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