18 February 2013

Seen Through Life's Lenses...

 "All the technique in the world does not compensate for the inability to notice.
 Photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place...
You can find pictures anywhere. It's simply a matter of noticing things and organizing them. You just have to care about what is around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy."

(Elliott Erwitt's quotes) 

The similarity with blogging is amazing!

Photographer Elliott Erwitt's exibition last year in New York proved that a lifetime of observing the world can produce some amazing shots! Now in his eighties, his many accomplishments includes over 40 books on every subject.

 Seen through life's lenses, we can experience a whole new dimension to ART. No digital cameras here, just a Leica, Mr. Erwitt's personal preference of course and hardly in my scope of expertise.

Mr. Erwitt's photos are well known but it is the stories behind which appeals to me the most!

I decided to mention this because someone asked me recently my reasons for blogging, the aim in writing posts, why I read other bloggers' posts and comment? 
Reading and reviewing aside, I thought about it for awhile and came to the conclusion I witness messages on blogland as those messages in a bottle and I simply love the humanity behind the words, the good and the sad times, the accomplishments but also the daily happenings. 
It is my window on the world and I would miss it if I had never experienced it.

If my posts brings a subject to someone's attention and he or she just think for one moment about the 'message in the bottle', I will have accomplish my aim...Simply reaching out!

Note: Anyone interested in Mr. Erwitt's art may visit his website (HERE) for additional information. Please remember of course that unless specified any opinion expressed in posts are entirely my own and not requested by third party!


  1. I'm getting interested in taking photos in the last year or so, since my daughter gave me a camera thats easy to manage, I'm still not to good and delete about half that I take but I do like colour. I admire the older way of doing photos but it was always beyond me.

  2. I must admit Merle digital is far easier on someone like me as well (and my pocket book)! There is however a quality to such photos (Erwitt's and others) that is unequal! It's like opening a whole story...
    I too like colour but sepia and black and white are none the less stunning in their clarity! Same for movies!


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