13 March 2013

Francis Is His Chosen Name...

Like many Christians we heard the news on Broadcast: The Roman Catholic Church has elected a new pope today 13 March 2013 and his chosen name is Pope Francis. 

It is early days yet but like his namesake Francis, his message hints of humility, the Saint's ruling virtue.
St Francis, God's 'Poor Little Man of Assisi' became the means of renewing the youth of the Holy Church but let's also remember 'No reformer was ever less aggressive than St Francis. His apostolate embodied the very noblest spirit of reform; he strove to correct abuses by holding up an ideal.

A formidable set of footprints for anyone to follow!

Like his well loved namesake, Pope Francis stretches out his arms in yearning for a strong church, and we pray his life mission will rekindle the love of God in the world and reanimate the life of the Spirit in our hearts!

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