02 March 2013

The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen, Book review

Publisher: Thorndike Press; Lrg Una edition (May 5, 2010)
ISBN-13: 978-1410425867


When Olivia Keene arrives home to find her father strangling her mother, she picks up the nearest blunt object and bashes him on the head. Fearing that she will be charged with murder, Olivia, with her mother’s help, flees.

While en route to a potential position with an old friend of her mother’s, Olivia finds herself caught up in a series of dangerous adventures culminating in her arrival at Brightwell Court, where she accidentally eavesdrops on a conversation between Lord Edward Stanton Bradley and his father, the Earl.

Realizing that the information the now speechless Olivia unknowingly possesses could ruin him, Edward insists that she accept a position in his family’s nursery, never expecting that the silent new governess might be his one hope of salvation.

My thoughts:

Julie Klassen's 'The Silent Governess' has a rich historical background, guaranteed to satisfy even  discerning genre critics with multiple layers to its enticing plot, and providing entertainment for any reader, even gentlemen! And at 707 pages this book was never the less just the ticket for a couple of evenings' relaxation (and very kind to fatigued eyes!). You will deduce rightfully the story grips you and you cannot but read a few more pages...and a few more...

Olivia Keene has always enjoyed arithmetic sums and her father has often bragged about her skills with numbers, enjoying a wage or two as well with his cronies.  She is only a child when she deliberately withheld her answer to a problem, letting a young man shine in his father's eyes but losing her own paternal's approval or so it seems.
Now grown to a fine young woman of four and twenty, she finds herself in the midst of a dramatic event leaving her no choice but to run away, in her reticule a slip of paper, in her ears, her mother's urgent admonishment to reach a school for young ladies where she might find a teacher's post, there to wait for her to join her.

Lord Bradley has little patience for the young woman trespassing on his estate and since he suspects she might have overheard a most delicate revelation, he blackmails her into accepting a post urging her to keep silent at all costs. Olivia hopes to hear from her mother in the near future and is more than happy to hide on Lord Bradley's estate as the law might very well be looking for her!

The heir presumed to Brightwell Court, Edward Bradley finds her a reliable under nurse for his young cousins, that is until a new turn of events reveals a possible connection betwixt his own father and the fetching young woman.

As we have learned to expect Julie Klassen weaves a compelling story full of mysteries and colourful characters, combining Christian Historical fiction with just enough romance to make it an enjoyable read for even the most romantic soul, while describing 19th Century England in all its splendour, both natural and man made and the rules that governed both the lower and the upper classes.

A delightful Regency novel, The Silent Governess is a beguiling story of rights and wrongs which as mentioned earlier, gents might also enjoy whilst reflecting on the do's and don'ts of gentlemanly behaviour, no matter the class!

4 Stars!

About the Author:

Julie Klassen loves all things things Jane--Jane Eyre and Jane Austen. She worked in publishing for sixteen years and now writes full time. Three of her novels have won the Christy Award for Historical Romance. Her book, The Silent Governess, was also a finalist in the Minnesota Book Awards, ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards, and Romance Writers of America's RITA Awards. Julie is a graduate of the University of Illinois.

For additional information visit her website (HERE).

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  1. I like the Regency period so this is up my street. Thanks for a lovely review.

  2. I do too! Nice to see you here Mystica and hugs to you!


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