03 March 2013

Into March...

 March's third day already ...Time flies, Easter will soon be here...
Is Spring truly on its way?

 Rains and cool nights are still with us but I dream of long walks...

My imagination brings to mind paths of flowers everywhere...the colours vivid, their sweet promise of many more blessings to come...

I'll leave you with this quiet pastoral view, just wishing each of you a lovely weekend!


  1. What lovely pictures the last one would made a good painting, I bet you are looking forward to spring we are looking forward to winter.

  2. I agree with you! Oh yes, Spring is much anticipated here but we have little to complain about it on the island...Cold means low 30's F, no snow, rain however is our constant companion...about 9 months out of the year! You wouldn't believe the mildew!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Noelle, and I enjoyed your review of Julie Klassen's book too. She knows how to spin a story. Thanks for sharing stories with me. And I love your picture in your banner. Lovely blog site you have here.

  4. Coming from you Ann, a most appreciated comment and looking forward to reading Scent of Lilacs!
    All the best,


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