28 May 2013

Doing What I like Best...Reading of course!

A few of my titles for this week...

Quan Yin, Lady of Compassion and a rose from our garden: The Lincoln

Poppies are my favourite but this stunning colour cannot be ignored!

However after spotting photos of Himalayan Blue Poppy on Sew Sweet Violet, I just might have to grow some of these! Do visit to see what I mean!

 Meanwhile, somebody is so bored! Rain, rain, go away! I want to play Frisbee!!


  1. Oh yes me too I adore my books, I am reading a lovely triology about an Amish girl, just fabulous and like you I have a little stack just waiting to start... bliss
    Happy Reading
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  2. Lynn, do share the title of this trilogy will you?!
    Happy reading and hugs to you as well!

  3. What a fabulous rose! happy reading and good luck with your flower growing, can't wait to see.
    love jooles xxx

    1. Thanks for stopping Jooles and I will post any outcome! I am promised the seeds by 4 June or so, thus I hope it is not too late!
      All the best,

  4. That's one of the first things I did when we got here...go to the library to get a big stack of books. Books make a house feel like a home. The red rose looks like velvet...beautiful!

    1. Welcome back Diane and thank you for sharing a little of your trip!
      I can fill one small suitcase with my treasures but when it comes to books...Home sweet home means piles and piles of those we cannot give away!
      I have another rose to share later today (hubby clipped it for my birthday in lieu of a card this morning!)


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