18 May 2013

Winners, Winners...


It's always nice to announce a Giveaway result but it is even better when there is an opportunity to announce the name of two (2) giveaways winners!

Let's begin with...

For those of you who have not read the review (see HERE)!

So without further ado the winner of Can't Wait Willow's giveaway is...


'Looks like a nice little book, thank you for entering me.'

CONGRATULATIONS JANICE! Christy delivers a great book to learn how to make the right choices and the illustrations are perfect for little ones, Janice!
I will contact you shortly to confirm this win! Thanks for entering! 

A heartfelt thank you to PROPELLER for the opportunity to pass on quality books!

Oh, I love to give things away!!

Next for 'Roses Have Thorns' (see review HERE)...

The winner is....


'This looks very interesting. Would love to read this book.'

CONGRATULATIONS KAYLA! I hope you will enjoy reading Sandra's novel!
I will contact you to confirm your win shortly and thank you for entering!

Many thanks to Sandra Byrd and HOWARD BOOKS for this sweet opportunity!

Again thank you to everyone who entered the giveaways! There are many more opportunities in the future so check back!


  1. Congrats to your lucky winners! I know they will be thrilled! It's so much fun to get wonderful books like these in the mail! Sweet hugs my friend and thanks for the fun!

  2. Congrats to the lucky winners xoxo Heather


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