21 July 2013

Belgium Independence Day And A New King!

 (Albert II and Paola)

Today is a special day in Belgium as the diverse nation celebrates Independence Day and after saying farewell to King Albert II welcomes their new King, Philippe!

Prince Philippe, now officially King of Belgium, won every heart with his quick smile, aptitude for diplomacy and is a fully certified Air Force Pilot.

Together with Queen Mathilde and their four children, they present a wonderful feeling of continuancy!

Vive le Roi!
Long leve de Koning!

(Sources HERE, HERE and HERE)


  1. This was announced on the radio this morning, I listen to ABC radio it give world wide news so I know whats going on in the world.

  2. ABC all the way to Aussie Land? To be sure we miss nothing, we listen to BBC, go figure!
    Hugs (especially to Angus!)

  3. I also heard this, , congratulations on a new leader, he is very handsome and sounds brave as well,! Thank you for visiting me, speaking of Belgium, we are watching my favorite person from , Belgium as I type, Hercule Poirot mysteries, lol, ( I know he is fictional, lol. but I love the mysteries)

  4. Hercule Poirot is a favourite of ours as well Laurie!


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