01 July 2013

Canada Day...

To our friends and neighbours up North...


Note: If like me, you yearn to know a little more about this very special occasion, check out  
this website for the origin of today's celebrations!

Here is a sound advise from Mac for our four legged friends and their humans...


  1. Happy Canada Day, Angus hates firecrackers too if he is at my place he sits on my lap

  2. I had to laugh Merle! There is absolutely no way to hold Mac on our lap, he's like a slinky! At 30.25 pounds, this is a BIG Corgi!

  3. Hahaha this is so cute. It reminds me of when we had our dog and every year he would bark at the fireworks. I don't think dogs care for them too much. I am just getting around to visiting my blog friends, as I had alot of company on the Fourth of July weekend.


  4. I hope your 4th of July celebrations were everything you hoped for Sheri! I must admit I was again surprised neither MAC the Corgi or Maira the Cat emitted a peep at the sound of fireworks. They were very good!
    The noise decibel of the concert (if one can call it that with screeching resembling banshees) the following night however could have proved a challenge...I half expected every dog on the island to start howling...Not so, a few grumbles was all I got from MAC, Maira just hid under my chair!


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