23 July 2013

World Youth Day 2013

Today is the 28th World Youth Day, celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by thousand of young pilgrims! These young people came from all over the world to be together!

'Christ, from high up on Corcovado, with arms wide open, invites us to get to know His Heart and to open our own, both to Him as well as to our fellow brothers, participating in His mission to make missionary disciples of all the nations.'

In His name, we pray! 
Together we believe!

Standing proud!

Pope Francis on this special occasion stated:

“The Youth are the window through which the future enter the world”.

(Source HERE)


  1. Happy youth day, that's a amazing statue.

  2. Is it not?! I wonder if you see it as you circle Rio to land?

  3. Noelle,
    What a wonderful day this is for all our youth to come together and celebrate in Brazil. I especially love the quote that Pope Francis said.

    Have a nice weekend, Noelle.


    1. Sheri, I have high hopes for His Holiness and like you, I found this quote just beautiful!
      God bless,


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