14 November 2013

How About It Bloggers? Tis Soon The Season After All...

Like most of us, you probably have a favourite organization you donate to throughout the year and especially during the Holidays when so many feel alone, often without any hope!

For decades our little family has shared with the Armed Forces through such as AnySoldier.com, Soldier's Angel and AFES FOR ARC,( Armed Forces Emergency Services for the Red Cross) along with sponsoring children with CHILDFUND International, knitting for the Seamen's Institute etc...

Right now we are saving our pocket change for a couple of mosquito nets...
You know how it is, there are many in need and we cannot ignore them!

Far from feeling like Miss Goodie Two Shoes (I am not sure who coined that phrase) I only wish I could do more! 

But here is something WE CAN ALL HELP WITH!! Take a wee moment to stop by this fellow's blog and read his message about placing just one (1) comment on his post and he will donate 1 Sterling Pound for each comment up to 100 Sterling Pound to the SALVATION ARMY!

Maybe this is not your preferred Charity, but there is no denying they are always there to help and it is such an easy thing to do!

Visit TIME FOR REFLECTIONS and place a comment! Victor will do the rest! 
Come on! YOU CAN DO THIS!!


Thanks Folks!


  1. Thank you Noelle for your welcome support of this venture. I hope we reach £100 and beyond. I chose the SA as it is internationally well known and does good works throughout the year.

    May God bless you, your family, and your readers always.

  2. I did it!
    (...words quoted from my tiny granddaughter when she accomplishes a task)
    Your request to pay it forward was certainly not a task.
    How generous of Victor!
    Happy weekend, dear Noelle!

    1. Give your lovely granddaughter a big hug for me!
      Thanks Dear!

  3. That's a great idea, I love it when organizations, and individuals will match.

    On my way over to visit his blog now.



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