25 November 2013

Victoria 500 Christmas Ideas, Book review

  • Publisher: Hearst (October 6, 2009)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1588167668
  • Hardcover: 480 pages


Have a Christmas to remember with these fabulous suggestions for decorating, baking, wrapping, and all things holiday!  
Brimming with beautiful color photographs, Victoria 500 Christmas Ideas provides the inspiration and instruction needed to surround yourself and your family with the beauty of the season.  

Create a winter wonderland in your front yard or an intimate table setting that sparkles. Bake delicious cookies good enough to leave for Santa himself. Load the Christmas tree with lovely decorations and uniquely wrapped gifts boxes. 

Display a handmade wreath on the door to welcome your guests. Many projects take only moments, while others need a little more time and attention. Either way, Victoria will bring the best of Christmas to your home.

Here are my thoughts:

I always browse the latest offerings on the library shelves and this beautifully formatted book immediately caught my attention.
Psst...Don't tell anyone! I love to find my Victoria subscription in the post and keep it all to myself for days! 
This however was the first of their special edition books I have seen and I wanted to immerse myself in the Season by checking out other's ideas! There is definitively something for everyone in Victoria's 500 Christmas Ideas by author Kimberley Meisner

A little like window shopping around the holidays, this one is to be savoured like a box of chocolates!
Each stunning photo will bring a special way to celebrate the season in splendour!
No matter where you 'hang your hat' as they say in the West, you will discover all sorts of ideas, 500 to be exact, to prepare your home for the upcoming holiday season, be it a Grecian columned mansion, a city apartment or a log cabin. 
In addition to ready your home and wrap thoughtful gifts you will find well tried recipes guaranteed to delight your family and guests!

Any book lover however should dismiss # 99: a suggestion to display (first edition!) books tied with a ribbon on a bench outside like gifts awaiting guests...

Now you have only 499 ideas to discover...

4 stars!

Note:  This was a library loan. No review was requested and any opinion reflected is mine only!


  1. that is a wonderful book, so much inspiration!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Noelle. God bless you and yours.

  3. This looks good! I'll look for it at my library, too! Sweet hugs!

  4. Reading this alone will bring along the Christmas spirit I am sure.

  5. My comment disappeared!!!!

    Reading this alone would be enough to bring the Christmas spirit

    1. No worries Mystica, you know Cyberspace...a bit like a washer machine...you put in a few things and only an odd number comes out!
      Christmas is a special time of the year but it is the whole Season I love!
      All the best,


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