11 November 2013

In Flanders Fields...

First there was the Armistice...

Then it was time to remember those who fell...

Ieper (Ypres) cemetery was built around a captured German pill box used apparently as an advanced dressing station. The original plot of 343 graves was enlarged after the 11th of November 1918 as remains from battlefields such as Passchendaele, Langemarck and other burial grounds were brought in. 
With 11,952 Commonwealth soldiers of WW1 buried or commemorated in Tyne Cot, this is the largest war cemetery in the World.

(Source HERE) and (HERE)

Always remembered, Never forgotten...


  1. Many years ago I toured the battlefields of WW1, and visited the cemeteries. An unforgettable experience.

  2. Indeed Tracey. My grandfather is buried in the honour grounds of the local cemetery for his four years in the trenches and along with my father, I remembered going to many such resting places to 'witness' as he called it.
    As a tween however it is Henri Chapelle (WW2) cemetery which shocked me the most. Those white crosses, endless rows, are a sight to behold!
    Unforgettable it was!
    Thanks for your kind comments Tracey, love always to see you here!

  3. Thank you for this heartfelt post dear Noelle... may I ask where you live?... always so nice to hear from you... your little "shadow" is precious, xoxo Julie Marie

    1. Thank you for stopping by Julie Marie and my shadow is indeed precious! Where would we be without our furry friends?!
      For the last 11 years our little abode has been on a tiny island in the Puget Sound in WA but I will admit Home is across the pond, at least in my heart!
      God bless Dear,

  4. We must never forget that. I try to explain to my daughter that it's necessary to know the history of our country (and of our neighbors) to not make the same mistakes and the same wars.

    1. Don't we all wish we had learned our lesson, right?! I am old enough to know history repeats itself but young enough to hope (and pray fervently) it will not be so!
      May God help us!
      So glad to see you here as I have tried to post comments on your blog only to see them coming back in my email box?!
      All the best,

  5. We owe them gratitude for their ultimate sacrifice. May they rest in Peace.

    God bless.

  6. Thank you for this post, Noelle. Never can we forget!! Hope all is well for you :)


    1. When you see photos of the battlefields, it is a wonder anything grew again! No, we should never forget the hardships those who fought 4 years in the Flanders endured! Their sacrifice was the ultimate gift to future generations!


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