17 January 2014

Vintage Anyone?

(Photo source Google - Mrs. Miniver knitting in the Anderson shelter)

One of my favourite novels (and movie I might add!) is Mrs. Miniver by Jan Struther.
I came across it as a as a young bride and fell in love...with the house, the family and the amazing display of 'stiff upper lip' whatever the challenge!

I never tire of seeing the stars and often thought I might also acquire someday a little bungalow by the river, with dutch doors and a white picket fence... There is such a warm feeling exuding from the plot line, and let's not forget the indomitable spirit of the protagonists in face of adversity! 
And then of course it portrays an elegance I hoped would be reflected in my life...

Our 'bungalow' is located on an island thousands of miles away from the U.K., and has no picket fence (the deer would be laughing their hoofs off) or those practical dutch doors...
Instead of pumps most days I find myself wearing wellies, I love hats but the closest I come is a knitted one and my own Walter Pidgeon absolutely refuses to wear a tie these days having worn such for decades...I now also miss the smell of the pipe...Ex-RAF flyboy stopped smoking 33 years ago...

I have mentioned before I hold a singular fascination for WW2 era and this nostalgia might explain why Mrs. Miniver (and Best Years Of Our Lives) and anything I can gleam about the period holds my interest longer than any other!

(Actress Greer Garson knitting on the set of Mrs. Miniver in 1942 - Source Google)

Just in case you have not spotted these two wonderful sites, here are two interesting blogs anyone fond of vintage knitting and sewing might like to visit:

The Vintage Pattern Files (Here)

By Gum, By Golly (Here)

Both features amazing patterns and steps into a nostalgia era most of us seem drawn to!



  1. Some of the old black and white films are really marvellous aren't they. Especially when they portray times gone by. I have a penchant for the Marx Brothers films in particular. Although the more serious ones like It's A Wonderful Life are great too.

    God bless.

  2. A Wonderful Life is a classic Victor, that is for certain! Marx Brothers, really? Laurel and Hardy comes to mind as well!

  3. The old black and white, English War Movies you just can't beat them they were very entertaining and Mrs Miniver was one of the best.

    1. I totally agree Merle! Hope you are keeping cool!

  4. We love old movies and Greer Garson is in one of our all time favs...Pride and Prejudice! I watched a little of an old movie, Annie Oakley with Barbara Stanwyck yesterday, it was good, too! Enjoy your weekend my friend. I'll look for this movie. I don't remember it! Hugs!

    1. I hope you will have a chance to see it Diane, it is fantastic!
      One of my favourite scenes is the small boats assembling towards Dover en route to Dunkirk!

  5. I love this film :) And as you know this is my favourite era x

    1. This is one I can see again and again Jo!
      Thanks for stopping by Dear and keep warm!
      Hugs to the kitties,

  6. This is one go my favourites too. Do you like Brief Encounter?

    1. Yes I did Tracey! Must see this one again (it's been a long time and I mean long!)


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