23 May 2014

Just A Word From Mac

 photo 003-22.jpg

With those eyes locked on her, Mum wasn't about to leave me home when going to the cabin!

 photo 005-16.jpg

So long Island, until next week!

 photo 002-5.jpg

To the mountains, we go!
Did I mention there are bears, elks, mountain lions, coyotes, even wolves there?

Not to mention the golden eagles who think I might just be a choice morsel!
Then there is that little squirrel who thinks nothing of teasing me (my leash goes only so far!)

Let's see: Leash, Collar, Frisbee, Ball, Chow (very important!), Treats, Bedding (hey, I like to take my favourite blanket with me, thank you very much!)

Okay, I think that's all Folks, got the important stuff with me!

Bye for now,


  1. Always good to hear from you Mac, enjoy your break.

  2. Have a GREAT time Mac with your family!! Our dogs will be so envious when I let them know you're on a trip to the mountains. Now don't let any of those nasty cougars, coyotes (we have both of them here) or bears or anything else hurt you, ok? And, if you aren't too busy having fun with that Frisbee and ball, post a few photos of you having fun!
    Aimee (and the three white furry ones)

    1. Oh thank you Aimee, tell the furry ones I had a great time!

  3. Replies
    1. Loved the mountain weather but my, it is cold and dreary here on the island!

  4. That face would definitely be impossible to resist. Have you been practising it?

    1. Mum says I am very good at it, no practice though, just a natural inclination at making her feel guilty if she leaves me behind!


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