04 May 2014

Rescue The Captors by Russell Stendal, Book review


American bush pilot Russell Stendal, on routine business, landed his plane in a remote Colombian village. Gunfire exploded throughout the town and within minutes Russell's 142 day ordeal had begun. The Colombian cartel explained that this was a kidnapping for ransom and that he would be held until payment was made.

Held at gunpoint deep in the jungle and with little else to occupy his time, Russell got ahold of some paper and began to write. He told the story of his life and kept a record of his experience in the guerrilla camp. His “book” became a bridge to the men who held him hostage and now serves as the basis for this incredible true story of how God’s love penetrated a physical and ideological jungle.

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My thoughts:

Written from the point of view of a real life captive, Rescue the Captors quickly grabbed my attention owing to its unusual title and its real life adventure. 
(It is also worth noting the cover was the 'Best cover Winner' at the National Christian Booksellers Convention).

Captured by Guerrillas, Jungle pilot Russell Stendal kept a cool head during his ordeal. Fighting back the best he could in the circumstances, he earned the respect of some of his captors in the process. 

In 1983, Russell's view of life was that he knew all there was to life and that he was in complete control.
Held in a jungle hide out for months, his every move allowed only under the watchful eye of his guards, he soon learned to reevaluate his perception of life as God given. 

References to Aeronautics such as the tailspin only makes this pilot's account more realistic. Only in this case, it is Jesus' teaching on how to get our lives off on a positive upward spiral, the reverse of a tailspin in fact, which highlights Stendal's explanation of good versus evil. 

Given a typewriter by his abductors, Sendal's captive days turned into months while he wrote of his experience. Negotiations for his release were eventually underway, the ransom 12 million pesos. But when the family was asked to send a known article of clothing for Russell to be photograph in, his Dad sent a Bible instead!

Meanwhile a brand new understanding of Jesus' words gave the young bush pilot a unique dimension to his relationship with his captors. It was not long after that Russell was fending of questions such as: 'If Christianity is the solution to all man's problems, how is it it failed? After all, Christianity has been around for 2000 years!'

Stendal's crucial situation went not without problems and the last 30 days of his captivity, every effort was made by his captors to break him down.

RESCUE THE CAPTORS gives a clear and honest account of not only Stendal's life as a captive, but also the spiritual growth he experienced and the Christian message he readily spread amongst his abductors during those harrowing months!

Including an interesting epilogue and an in depth appendix, this is one action packed read you will not wish to put down!

Well worth 5 stars Folks (judging by how fast this copy circulated around our family!)

Meet the Author:

Russell Stendal was born in Minneapolis and raised on the mission field in Colombia, South America. He became a missionary jungle pilot at age nineteen. Almost ten years later in 1983, he was kidnapped by Marxist rebels and held hostage for five months. His book, Rescue the Captors, relates his experience, including how God worked in the hearts of the rebels.

Russell has written many other books, produced videos, and edited two Bible translations, the Spanish Reina-Valera 2000 and the Jubilee Bible in English.

Russell heads up the work of Colombia Para Cristo, which operates twelve radio stations involving more than one hundred staff and coworkers and covering much of Latin America with the gospel.
A thriving underground church has developed in remote jungle areas of Colombia. 
New high-gain antennas are now beaming the gospel message deep into areas of increasing crisis across the borders of Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil, as well as throughout Colombia.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book courtesy of LIFE SENTENCE Publishing as part of its promotion. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 255 'Guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. I was not asked to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 


  1. That sounds like a very different story, he sounds like he was a amazing man.

    1. A man to shake hands with says ex-RAF flyboy!
      I agree Merle, Stendal's story was amazing!

  2. What a powerful story. Thanx Noelle. Will look out for this book.

    God bless.

    1. Be sure to let me know what you think Victor!
      God bless,

  3. Hi Noelle..
    I jolly well agree..
    Thanks for sharing with us all..
    And for the kindest comments always, they mean a lot..
    Hugs Maria x

    1. Thank you Maria! There are some amazing people in this world. I think Stendal's work makes a difference in our narcissistic society!
      Inspiring story and glad I could share.


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