08 May 2014

VE Day Remembrance

In Whitehall, London, an RAF officer and two members of the Women's Royal Air Force and a civilian celebrate on VE Day 1945

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What did it feel when VE Day 8 May 1945 finally arrived?

... it was like no other day that anyone can remember. It had a flavor of its own, an extemporaneousness which gave it something of the quality of a vast, happy village fete as people wandered about, sat, sang, and slept against a slimmer background of trees, grass, flowers, and water...Apparently the desire to assist in London's celebration combusted spontaneously in the bosom of every member of every family, from the smallest babies, with their hair done up in red-white-and-blue ribbons, to beaming elderly couples who, utterly without self-consciousness, strolled up and down the streets arm in arm in red-white-and-blue paper hats. Even the dogs wore immense tricolored bows...The bells had begun to peal and, after the night's storm, London was having that perfect, hot, English summer's day which, one sometimes feels, is to be found only in the imaginations of the lyric poets...

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1939 - 1945 

Let's never forget the sacrifices it took!


  1. Oh...Noelle,
    Thank you for sharing this.
    I fell in love with your blog because of your reverence towards history.
    World War II history as I learned it, is hardly touched upon in our schools any longer. I took our daughter to the British war museum when we visited London in 1996. (She was 12.) They had a fabulous exhibit about the Children of the Blitz. We collected all of the collateral reading material in the exhibit. She presented the story to her classmates in the following school year. No one had ever heard of the children of the blitz. Her teachers were amazed to hear the story as well. I hope that my husband and I are able to visit London and Normandy together one day. He falls to sleep to the series Band of Brothers most nights. I promise you that no one in our family has forgotten, my friend.

    1. Dear Blogging Friend,
      I love your comment so much, it deeply touched me! Thank you!
      I have come to realize History has a way to touch people in a different way when they have lived it!
      I sincerely hope you and hubby will have the opportunity to steep yourselves into a little of the past one day very soon!
      God bless,


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