13 January 2015

Here Is A Little Of The Latest Weeks For Me...

Belgium is not a large country as most of you know I gather but the scenery is not only beautiful but for a native like myself, everything she/he holds dear to its heart. This was the view from my bedroom outside of Brussels.

A most pleasant scene (it even has a little bench for anyone to rest), Mallard ducks can be heard in the quiet of the morning. No need for an alarm clock and so much better!

Just an hour away from the capital, this pleasant home became a haven throughout my stay and like a beacon calls me back. I can only say I hope 27 years will not go by again before I rest my feet there!

This courtyard is enjoyed during warm sunny afternoons and is the center of many talks about everything and anything in life!

Each piece in this lovely home was chosen for a special reason by a connoisseur of beautiful art, some were in fact designed and made by the owner himself.

These two pieces (above and below) were just stunning!

Of course there is nothing better than to (re)discover old and new friends and loved ones.

Once again I am reminded how fast the time goes, 5 weeks have gone by so quickly and whilst saying Hello is wonderful, Goodbyes are so very hard!

More in a day or so...

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