11 January 2015

Walking Down Memory Lane After A Long Absence...

Anyone familiar with the 1958 Expo will guess the name of the sight featured above, a structural marvel I was privileged to be raised nearby and a welcoming sight after 27 years of absence.

"Created for the Brussels World’s Fair held in Heysel, Brussels, the Atomium Bruxelles is the only structure left standing after the fair. It was designed by AndrĂ© Waterkeyn to be a replica of a single unit of iron crystal blown up 165 billion times; stands at 102 metres; each sphere is 18 metres in diameter, about the size of a large apartment. There are 9 spheres all together connected up by tubes. The spheres are wrapped in stainless steel (originally aluminium)
In 2004, the spheres were restored to their original shine and lustre and opened up for the public to see again in 2006. 2008 marked the 50th anniversary of the Atomium."

As promised I will be posting a few photos in the next few days. That said, please don't expect snapshots such as a regular tourist takes. An emotional trip to reacquaint myself with loved ones, I simply took a few photos here and there as Europeans usually shy away from having their photos (and their private spaces) taken.

Eglise St Lambert, Laeken our parish church with (below) Maris Stella my old school brought back many memories.

Just so you know, I remembered sweating a lot on Algebra and languages whilst I thrived on History and Geography!

To explain a bit about my trip, this was were I spent the first 5 days, as I waited for the doctors to release a loved one!

This photo is courtesy of Google images and a welcomed one with its rainbow! Yes, after 5 days we made it home and very glad of it!

It did not take much time for me to get back in the swing of things (blessedly, I only feel jet lag on the return trip!) and as soon as we were able to, we indulged in some wonderful cuisine at the little restaurant (see below) and the Old Pannenhuis.

Pizzicato 2

Pizzicato 2
426 Boulevard Emile Bockstael
1020 Laeken

If you ever visit this friendly restaurant with its wide range of menu offerings you will be hooked! From the warm atmosphere to the generous portions, I found this place unequal and cannot wait to return. The Pizzailo from New York will spoil you for any other pizza! 

Le Vieux Pannenhuis

This restaurant is set within the walls of a 300 years old building: the old fire place, the ancient beams and the rustic decoration are there as witness and its latest Chef delivers a wonderful seasonal menu!
I chose this setting for a special birthday celebration and loved it! The walls vibrate with history and the food is delicious.

That's all for now Folks! More to come of course later on.
Until then,

Note: The above mentions were not requested and reflects only my appreciation!


  1. I am glad your return to old haunts was so successful. Happy new year!

  2. I enjoy going back to places I once knew. I don't know Brussels well, but have visited a couple of times; it is a beautiful city.

  3. Happy New Year, Noelle!
    The signature structure of your World's Fair of 1958 is futuristic just like the Space Needle that followed in my home town of Seattle in 1962. Although modern and exciting, I was pleased when mid-century modern ran it's course. It's Saturday here in America. I am headed over to check on my parents. They are in their mid '80's. I will be back to finish the journey with you tomorrow.

    1. Happy New Year Lynne and thank you for stopping by!


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